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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breaking News! New PBT TOEFL dates for Mexico City...

After previously posting that we thought the PBT (paper-based official TOEFL) had disappeared in Mexico (based on the fact that none were being scheduled, ETS said none were planned at the moment for 2010/11, and the ETS web site says "...PBT is available where iBT is not)....We are very pleased to announce that new tests have been planned for Mexico City!

It appears right now that exams will be planned only for Mexico D.F. (unlike previous years), but there are six PBT's now available for registration.  We think this is important because the exam (and the preparation) is a bit easier--and there's no Speaking section, which is hard for some.  Nearly all universities that require official TOEFL (yes, there are a few exceptions now) will accept either iBT or PBT.  To register go to, where you can choose your date, make your payment, and reserve your place before the tests are full!  (You reserve for iBT dates at the same site).

The new PBT dates are:  Aug. 14, Oct. 16, Nov. 13 (2010), 
Jan. 15, Mar. 04, and May 07 (2011)

To prepare for this course, contact us for options--you can take the same course for PBT and ITP (Institutional, which we apply)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have you studied in the U.S. and returned to Mexico?

Maybe you'd like to join the Education USA group of former students.  Seems like a good idea if you're interesting in sharing your experiences with others, joining their mentor program, securing scholarships for advanced studies, or searching for contacts/employment opportunities...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers...on-line, on-demand program

Really busy?  Don't live in Mexico City?
No problem!  You can still take Greg Britt's TOEFL prep course...
for a complete program presentation, please visit

Demo Video

TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers is a very complete on-line, on-demand program

that includes several different components:

º Free 269 page e-book download for TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers.
(Includes 90 Practice Exercises, 22 Mini-TOEFL Exams, 3 Supplements, 9 Appendices).
 º Aprox. 25 hours of recorded classes by the author of the book, Greg Britt. These classes are available on-demand, 24/7.
 º A personal introductory meeting with Greg Britt.
 º 3 private 1-on-1 sessions with Greg Britt (up to 1 hr. each).
We will make an appointment via email for your private sessions--
then you'll be sent a link to log in the eClassroom at the appropriate date and time.
 º 3 complete practice exams (with score report and review of errors).
 º Personal support with Greg Britt via e-mail.