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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tweet this: a week without Facebook!

As more and more of our students try to divide their attention between their classes and their iPhones/Blackberries, this sounds like a fabulous idea!  

A central Pennsylvania technological college with fewer students than many Facebook users have friends is blacking out social media for a week.  

The bold experiment at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology — which has drawn praise, criticism and even a jab on late-night TV — means students and staff can't access Facebook, Twitter or a host of other ubiquitous social networks while on campus.  

Provost Eric Darr said the exercise that began Monday is not a punishment for the school's 800 students, nor a precursor to a ban, but a way for people to think critically about the prevalence of social media.  
The blackout comes on the heels of a report that Web users in the U.S. spend more time socializing on Facebook than searching with Google, according to data released last week from researchers at comScore Inc.  Still, Darr said he can't believe the controversy generated in the Twitterverse, blogosphere and academia, with some accusing the school of inflicting "a terrible thing and an infringement upon people's rights." "By and large, the students are supportive of the whole exercise and don't get so worked up over it," Darr said. On campus, attempts to log in to MySpace or LinkedIn return the message: "This domain is blocked." E-mail, texting and other Web surfing is still allowed, but not instant messaging. Student Ashley Harris, 22, said the blackout has freed her to concentrate on her classwork instead of toggling on her laptop between social networks and the lesson at hand.
"I feel obligated to check my Facebook. I feel obligated to check my Twitter. Now I don't," Harris said. 
 Like the idea?  Maybe you'd also enjoy reading about the "my phone is off for you" web site and phone signal blocking services below!

MY PHONE IS OFF FOR YOU is a revolution; a series of tools designed to help engage in the present moment and spread this idea!” The tools? Awesome cell phone signal blocking handkerchief… sticker! rubber stamp! and a web site to get you to take action!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just a reminder: we also offer Spanish classes at Britt!

We specialize in TOEFL test prep, but Alejandro Contreras offers private Spanish Classes--with over 15 years of experience, he's personable, patient, and professional, with a great program for all levels...

Study Spanish exciting Mexico City
One of our specialties for many years at Britt Language Services...

Our Spanish program is directed by Alejandro Contreras--considered by many to be one of the top Spanish teachers in Mexico. With nearly 15 years of teaching experience, he  has developed an outstanding program that's both effective and entertaining.  He's fluent in English and French, which is really helpful for students who don't yet communicate perfectly in Spanish. And even though he will gently push you to use Spanish in class,he's a very patient teacher.

Our classes are taught on a private basis (or in small groups of students who wish to study together). This gives us a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scheduling classes. It also allows us to create a truly personalized program that really caters to the individual needs of the student.

Spanish teacher Alejandro Contreras with a visiting student.

Many of our students jump back and forth between the U.S. and schedule classes while they're in town on business or vacation.  Others with extended time in Mexico set up more long-term programs.  For those with really limited time, very intensive schedules can be arranged.  

Students visiting Mexico will no doubt enjoy their free time in exciting Mexico City.

We use a variety of teaching materials, depending on the level of the student.  Classes can be given to zero-level beginners or more advanced/specialized classes can be arranged.  Again, we cater to the exact needs of each student.

The classes are priced per hour, so the cost of each program depends on
the frequency of the class.

If necessary, we will gladly conduct an initial evaluation to determine a student's level.  Once we know the student's level, we will set up a specially tailored program and agree on a class schedule.

If you're interested in studying Spanish with us, please give us a call or send an email.  We look forward to working with you in Mexico City.   Tel. 52 55 5207 9516

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Harvard, Georgetown, Stanford....Prospective students mark your calenders!

If you're interested in attending some of the most prestigious colleges in the US (and the world), this is an important event.  It will be held Sept. 13 at the American School and give prospective students an opportunity to meet with university reps....details below.