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Monday, May 24, 2010

Rebecca Cammisa, Which Way Home doc at Human Rights Film Festival

We'd like to encourage you to attend the Human Rights International Film Festival in Mexico City taking place from May 21st – June 3rd. Of particular interest is the film “Which Way Home” by Fulbright-Garcia Robles grantee (2006), Rebecca Cammisa. Rebecca received an Oscar nomination for the documentary “Which Way Home” which she made during her Fulbright period in Mexico. Rebecca will be attending the film festival and there will be Q & A in the first 3 screenings. 

The screening dates of WHICH WAY HOME are as follow below:

Viernes 28 de Mayo

Cinepolis Diana 3

19:35 hrs.
Sábado 29 de Mayo

Cinepolis Diana 2

19:25 hrs.
Domingo 30 de Mayo

Cinepolis Diana 2

19:40 hrs.
Lunes 31 de Mayo

Cinepolis Diana 2

11:30 hrs.
Martes 01 de Junio

Cinepolis Diana 2

13:25 hrs.

**There will be Q &As for the first 3 screenings.  More info.:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Meet the gringo community...and have a free drink at the next event!

This post is a little different from most on this blog!
This one is a little more fun (less academic at least)...
Mexpat is a social organization that, among other things, organizes monthly cocktail parties at local restaurants.  Could be a good way for our English-speaking Spanish students to meet other expats.  Or it could also be an opportunity for our Spanish-speaking students to practice their English with native speakers.

Their next event is May 26th at a Col. Roma are the details with an offer for a free drink at the event if you fill out a short survey...

Join this month’s Mexpat event on Wednesday, May 26th at Cabiria, in the heart of Colonia Roma. Offering a classic Italian menu from the Umbria and Tuscany regions, this two story ultra-modern building, featuring full-length glass windows overlooking the plaza is a winner. Set in the heart of this charming neighborhood lined with 20th century architecture, from neo-classical to high art nouveau and deco, it’s reminiscent of Prague. Full of character, meander around and admire both yuppies and artists, in the bustling cafes and restaurants.

Want a free drink? Fill out the short online survey posted on the Mexpat website, print out the thank you page and bring it to the event to claim your adult beverage.

Go to The Mexpat Web Site to take the survey for a free drink!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Planning to take the GRE or GMAT?

A few years ago, we dropped our GMAT/GRE prep programs to 
focus only on TOEFL.  (We continue to offer prep courses for all TOEFL exams:
iBT, PBT, and ITP (which we also administer).

But many of our students also need to take the GRE or GMAT...for you we 
recommend the services of Rose Velez and staff.  They have many years of  experience preparing students for these exams as well as other grad, post-grad, and doctorate-level tests.  Their office is in Mexico City, in the Pedregal at 
100 Cerrada de Lluvia.

phone:  5568 9575

Friday, May 14, 2010

CENNI: new program provides certification of your level in English...

Have you heard about this?
It's a new program, run by the SEP (Secretary of Education) in Mexico.  Now when you take approved exams (including all formats of TOEFL) you can submit your scores to this agency and be issued a national certificate that can be verified on-line.  For the moment it's free.  

Is this a wonderful idea?  We're honestly not sure yet.  It's primary goal might be only to take some control over the growing number of English equivalence 
exams.  But it's interesting.  It's doubtful it would be accepted by most (if any) universities outside Mexico for admissions--probably no replacement for TOEFL.  But maybe some local schools will begin accepting it--it's too early to tell.  Possibly a school that accepts ITP results for graduation requisites (but requires you take the test in their facilities, and maybe offers only infrequent testing) might accept this certification--opening the door to take the ITP at other institutes like Britt.

We'll keep our eye on it.  If you have more info. or have heard of a  school establishing policy on the acceptance of this certificate, please let us know!  

For more info., check out the CENNI web site.