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Friday, May 14, 2010

CENNI: new program provides certification of your level in English...

Have you heard about this?
It's a new program, run by the SEP (Secretary of Education) in Mexico.  Now when you take approved exams (including all formats of TOEFL) you can submit your scores to this agency and be issued a national certificate that can be verified on-line.  For the moment it's free.  

Is this a wonderful idea?  We're honestly not sure yet.  It's primary goal might be only to take some control over the growing number of English equivalence 
exams.  But it's interesting.  It's doubtful it would be accepted by most (if any) universities outside Mexico for admissions--probably no replacement for TOEFL.  But maybe some local schools will begin accepting it--it's too early to tell.  Possibly a school that accepts ITP results for graduation requisites (but requires you take the test in their facilities, and maybe offers only infrequent testing) might accept this certification--opening the door to take the ITP at other institutes like Britt.

We'll keep our eye on it.  If you have more info. or have heard of a  school establishing policy on the acceptance of this certificate, please let us know!  

For more info., check out the CENNI web site.


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