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Monday, October 13, 2014

In Germany college is now free for even international students!

A student sits next to a statue at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. The sign affixed to the statue’s nose roughly translates as “Education lies.”
niversity of Munich. The sign affixed to the statue’s nose 

Last week, Lower Saxony made itself the final state in Germany to do away with any public university tuition whatsoever. You read that right. As of now, all state-run universities in the Federal Republic—legendary institutions that put the Bildungin Bildungsroman, like the Universität Heidelberg, the Universität München, or theHumboldt-Universität zu Berlin—cost exactly nichts. (By the way, they weren’t exactly breaking the bank before, with semester fees of about EUR 500, or $630, which is often less than an American student spends on books—but even that amount was considered “unjust” by Hamburg senator Dorothee Stapelfeldt.) 


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